• Julio Pabon

Protesting for Change

There have been 20 days of consecutive protests and after seeing shallow street names and initial law changes we shouldn’t release any of the pressure. The eviction ban will end June 20th and slumlords will take New Yorkers to court during a pandemic. We will have millions of people homeless.

This Juneteenth which should have been a celebration must now be transformed into a call for action. We will be with our neighbors, our brothers and our sisters. Join us. Respond here or reach out to your network. On June 19th Give Your Voice Power.

There are no bystanders. From home you must use your voice to reach the frontline. The activist in our cities and neighborhoods must join together. We have to put our petty arguments aside. Protesting is only one step to change. Educating yourself and discussing elections with your neighbors opens a door of possibilities. I am not a politician and never will be. When I get to Congress I'm going to raise hell and fight for real change. Legislation can only go so far to fix the pain in human hearts. The protests in the streets are bred out of love and that’s the revolution.

We have in our hands an opportunity to realign America’s values with its legislation and education. History is made by the bold and everyday a new generation of people learn that the fight against racism and fascism relies on us. Early voting has already started. Don’t wait till June 23rd. Vote now and tell your friends.




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