Hi, I'm Julio

I have lived in the Bronx for over 60 years. The Bronx is where I have worked and have been fighting for justice for decades. My parents came here from Puerto Rico and struggled so that things could be better for me. Pop became a single dad and worked at local bodegas and sold shaved ice in parks. Besides his work ethic, my dad instilled in me his beliefs in education and economic independence, which I followed, as ways out of poverty.  

Since I’ve worked for City, State and Federal governments, been a community activist since the days of the Young Lords, and an entrepreneur in the Bronx, I know our City well. With this experience and years as an activist, I have kept my finger on the pulse of the pain and hardship people unnecessarily endure in the Bronx.

A key focus of our campaign is financial literacy so that our people understand how to access credit and invest their money. At the national level, we support Medicare-for-All, a Green New Deal, Reforming the Tax Code and other initiatives. I am ready to apply my work and lived experiences for a transformation that will bring financial prosperity, housing ownership for NYCHA Residents, and reforms to the Criminal Justice System and the Jones Act, which is crippling the economy of Puerto Rico while inducing forced migration to the Bronx.


Unlike empty promises by career politicians, I plan to work on this transformation by empowering the community so that we are not dependent on yet another politician. The place where Hip Hop and Break Dancing were born and Salsa was shaped will not continue to be the poorest, hungriest and sickest district!



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